VASA Associates Inc. is synonymous with excellence in simulation of distributed underwater acoustic systems. We have an international staff of researchers with expertise in ocean acoustics, signal processing, autonomous systems and applied mathematics.

VASA Associates Inc. provides acoustic propagation and scattering expertise to clients large and small.


SEALABSEALAB is the state of art high-fidelity physics-based simulation system designed to generate synthetic data sets for use as a substitute to collect data sets by underwater, seismic, and aeroacoustic systems.
The applications of SEALAB to real world sonar systems are numerous, from concept development to operations. SEALAB is designed and developed on well-tested components to generate the high-fidelity data sets.

SEALAB can be used to introduce high fidelity ocean acoustics into a wide variety of sonar studies, including propagation loss studies, active sonar, passive sonar, acoustics communications.

Some current and past applications of the constituent components of SEALAB include:

  • Evaluation of novel signal processing methods in a realistic environment.
  • Connection to real-time distributed sonar operating systems.
  • Sea trial planning and post-trial data evaluation.
SEALAB Left: waterfall plot of SEALAB generated time series for a mobile sonar platform.
Right: associated synthetic aperture image.